Mission Statement

Hi there, I’m Emma and this is Pucks and Macarons. This blog is named for my twin loves of hockey and food, using a food item that kind of looks like the hockey puck itself! I aim to use this blog to write about a variety of topics, including:

  • reviews of products (whether received in Birchbox, Naturebox, from BzzAgent or Influenster just otherwise)
  • food
  • hockey
  • shopping hauls and deals
  • pictures I take
  • maybe some interior design stuff too
  • other stuff to be named later?

I have no editorial calendar or schedule or anything right now. Whenever I feel inspired, I’ll just write something!

While I read a lot of great lifestyle and design blogs and draw lots of inspiration from them, I notice that their writers are generally a bit older than me and at a different stage in their lives. Pretty much all are married or at least taken, and many are parents, whereas I am neither. There’s nothing wrong with either life stage, of course! But there’s a place in this conversation for someone who’s still single too–and maybe I can help add such a voice to the conversation.

I also aim to receive a somewhat-old-but-still-working DSLR camera soon and explore the world of that camera’s abilities, but in the meantime, all pictures are taken with the camera of an HTC One M8 phone unless noted. Yes, really! It’s a great phone for pictures because it actually has two rear-facing cameras.


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