Thinking of Cross Stitch Again

I’m thinking of picking up cross-stitching again. I’m not much for DIY, don’t have a ton of space to store works in progress and don’t think I’d be very good at the fine art of spray-painting things to look 200% better than they did before, but I’ve done cross-stitching before. Actually, I’ve done it twice before.

As a teenager, I used to do some cross-stitching with my stepmom back when she was still alive. It turns out my grandmother (who also has passed) was a dab hand with cross stitching herself and my dad has some of her framed works: intricate, multicolored, beautiful.

Then I picked the habit back up in 2011 to stitch up two different copies of a Nyan Cat-themed pattern I bought off of Etsy. I made one for me and one for my friend Bethany as a gift!

(Y’all remember the Nyan Cat era? People made some hilarious parody versions, including a Swedish one where the little 8-bit pixel kitty flew over pine trees, cabins and IKEA stores.)

Etsy is a great place to visit for patterns again. The instant gratification is really quite nice and there tend to be more pop culture, youthful-focused patterns available than what one might find at Michaels or JoAnn–of course, there’s nothing wrong with either of those shops, especially considering I’d source thread and cloth from them, but you might know what I mean about the patterns. Plus it’s great to support independent craftspeople.

Here are some patterns that caught my eye while browsing.

Pretty Little Tokyo

Pretty Little Tokyo: $6

This cute and colorful pattern features lots of Tokyo sights, including Mt. Fuji, the Sky Tree tower and more! There are also loads of other Pretty Little cities from this same shop, including San Francisco, Paris, New York, Sydney and Italy. I can think of a friend who might like the Paris or Italy ones as a gift. Having been to San Francisco, maybe that one would be a good choice! But if I can’t decide, there’s a deal for purchasing 2 or 3 as a bundle.

Owl in a Hearts Tree

Owl in a Hearts Tree: $3.78

Wow, that price is great! This pattern is so cute…I love the little owl and the mix of colors in the hearts.

Doomed Redshirt

Doomed Redshirt: $3.99

The grandmother I mentioned above was actually a huge Star Trek fan during the run of the original series. My dad tells a story of how the family was given a Nielsen box one year to chart TV ratings. Grandma would make sure the TV was on for EVERY Star Trek episode, even if it was on at 2 a.m. She passed that Trek love down to Dad, Mom got into it too and now I’m into it, so that makes me a third-generation Trekkie. Cool, huh? Anyway, back to the pattern, which is nothing but the truth (except for when Uhura is in red because she’s Uhura and she rules).

Read More

Read More: $4.22

I like all the little details of this pattern, which would make a fun gift for a librarian friend of mine. This seller also offers a bundle deal for 3 patterns. Note that many of her patterns include naughty words, haha. Who knew such salty language would look so pretty in flourishes?

Only Judy Can Judge Me

Only Judy Can Judge Me: $8

The first time I saw someone use that phrase, I cracked up–and it’s always made me smile since. Mom and I enjoy watching Judge Judy because of her hilarious quips and take-no-prisoners attitude. I also like the frame that the crafter made for this picture, though I know that would be sold separately.


Peacock: $4.50

I just love the colors and the look of this peacock pattern! Beautiful in its simplicity–and I love blue hues, so it’s a perfect fit.


Rapidash: $2.09

Pokemon has been a favorite video game of mine since the very first generation. I had a teal blue Game Boy Color and Pokemon Blue and I was happy as a clam. I’ve played pretty much every gen since, except the 3DS ones since I just don’t have a 3DS yet. The pixel art style lends itself well to cross-stitch rendering, like in elegant fiery Rapidash here.

This seller offers a buy 2 get 1 free deal, so it’s easier to catch them all. I’d probably go with Pikachu and Umbreon.

Here are some more incredible cross-stitch patterns that seem too daunting for my liking, but God bless anyone who tackles these:

I’m not sure which one to get! Or, because they’re so affordable, maybe I could get a few?!


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