IKEA Papercraft collection - Pucks and Macarons

IKEA Papercraft Collection: Yes, Do Want

I love IKEA, even though sometimes it doesn’t always love me back. I love it in spite of the crowds clogging up the walkways. I love it in spite of the fact that they removed the self-checkout lanes and I always get stuck behind someone buying half the store. I love it in spite of the fact that sometimes I genuinely have trouble reading the assembly instructions and one time assembled a bookshelf with one piece on backwards, the unfinished particleboard exposed, so late in the process of building that it couldn’t be fixed (a pretty scarf lies over the mistake). I just love the way they design, the intriguing showrooms on the second level, the fun lighting available in the marketplace, the IKEA Family benefits and those meatballs. Among other things.

I haven’t been to IKEA recently–it’s kind of a haul to get there and then to get around in the crowds–but I may need to make a trip soon to see this new IKEA Papercraft collection. Just check out these pictures from their official Share Space blog.

IKEA Papercraft gift wrap - Pucks and Macarons

Gift wrap! Ribbon! Washi tape! Oh my! I like the colors here–they’re nice and neutral, suitable for pretty much any occasion. IKEA already has Christmas gift wrap and ribbon, but a lot of it is really Christmassy and you couldn’t haul it out for a midsummer birthday or anything. Washi tape is so hot right now (in the voice of everyone from Zoolander) and I have a few rolls of it myself. Could do with some more uses for it…I like the idea of using it to tape up presents, even though I’m often clumsy with wrapping paper. My dad is actually a gift-wrapping whiz.

IKEA Papercraft notebooks - Pucks and Macarons

VARIOUS NOTEBOOKS!!! Those pink, blue and green ones piled on the floor are 99 cents apiece for the small and $1.99 for the big, both having a gray elastic band that keeps them closed, kind of like Moleskines but a lot cheaper. Those black and white shell and pointing hand designs appear to be part of a set of stickers, 14 for 49 cents.

IKEA Papercraft writing paper - Pucks and Macarons

Silver is the ruling hue here in this display of notebooks, notepads and little notecards, plus gift wrap and paperclips.

IKEA Papercraft hanging decorations - Pucks and Macarons

What is the proper term for these?! They’re like paper hanging decorations that unfold to have this sort of interior pattern and become 3D. I’m sure they have a name and I don’t know it. IKEA just calls them decoration. I like the fun heart-shaped ones! Obviously you could use these at a party, but then you could just keep them up after since they work as permanent decor.

IKEA Papercraft collection - Pucks and Macarons

Here’s a whole roundup of the collection. You can also see black and white boxes with tree designs, gift bags and boxes and gift wrap with a speech bubble pattern. Speech bubbles are all over the place in this collection, along with the old-school black and white drawings shown earlier and beautiful colorful forest scene notebooks for just three bucks. There’s even party stuff for kids’ parties!

As you can see, Papercraft has some pretty attractive prices for some fun-looking stuff. That forest scene notebook is just gorgeous. There are some fun speech bubble-shaped sticky notes and I like to have some pretty blank cards hanging around just in case (actually, they became useful lately when we wanted a pretty card to cover a cash gift for a family friend’s wedding celebration), so this set might be right up my alley…especially for 99 cents!

IKEA promises new additions to Papercraft all year long, so it’ll be interesting to see how often they add new things and what they add.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go round up one of the big blue bags and head over there sometime soon!


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