Suja Essentials Review with BzzAgent

I’ve been a member of BzzAgent for a little more than two years now and, in that time, I’ve tried lots of really great things. Recently the campaigns I’ve gotten have centered around things available at Kroger, which is awesome since I shop there all the time anyway and it is literally right up the street. One campaign was for Suja Essentials juices. Though it took me some time to actually get the juice in question because I kept visiting Kroger locations that didn’t have any, eventually I found some tucked away in the refrigerated aisle of the natural foods area, along with vegan cheeses and various milks of things.

I tried the Mango Magic and Berry Nana flavors using the two ‘get one free’ coupons that were sent to me, though I also have a few buy one get one free coupons available too and I may need to use them on trying some other varieties. Berry Goodness is calling my name.

Both of them were really tasty! They weren’t gritty or chalky or any other off-putting texture. They might look a little cloudy since the ingredients tend to settle, so just make sure to really shake it up before drinking. I love mangoes and strawberries already, making the two varieties I chose the perfect intro to Suja.

In looking on Suja’s Pinterest boards–it was one of the way to earn BzzAgent brownie points–I saw that there were lots of other flavors, including some intriguing ones like Vanilla Cloud, Macachino and 24 Karat. I bet they’re available at Target or Whole Foods, where there might be larger selections. (Turns out their Elements line is exclusively at Whole Foods.) Looks like it might be time to look into some of those, too!

If you’d like to give BzzAgent a try, I highly recommend it! Just stop by this link to get started.

Next up on my list of BzzAgent things to try? HemisFares pasta. I got a bag of long fusilli from them…time to figure out how I want to prepare it.


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